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'Power To Peasantry: The Art Of Being A Woman In Tudor England' Virtual Summit

'Power To Peasantry: The Art Of Being A Woman In Tudor England' Virtual Summit

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'Power to Peasantry: The Art Of Being A Woman In Tudor England'

Virtual Summit

First Released - Autumn 2021


Welcome to 'Power to Peasantry: The Art Of Being A Woman In Tudor England' Virtual Summit!

Note: File download size circa 5GB

This virtual summit places the lives of women from different strata of Tudor society under the spotlight. From royalty and the great aristocratic ladies of the land through to the mercantile classes, in an entirely female lineup, headed by Prof Suzannah Lipscomb, we unpack many and varied aspects of the roles and expectations placed upon women at the time and how women enacted – and even challenged – those expectations.

If you want to learn more about what it was like to be a woman in Tudor England, this series of videos is for you!

What You Can Expect From This Summit
This summit details the lives of women in England during the sixteenth century, and includes contributions from the following speakers, all experts in their respective fields:

Video One: Professor Suzannah Lipscomb: Unleashing Feminine Voices Of The Past
Video Two: Emma Rutherford: The Secret Code of Miniatures In Tudor Relationships
Video Three: Dr Rachel Delman: The Power Houses of Aristocratic Women 
Video Four: Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila: Homespun Not Homemade: Tudor Women's Roles In Typical Tudor Clothing Production 
Video Five: Dr Sarah Morris: The Everyday Life Of A Merchant's Wife 

About Your Expert Speakers:

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb 
Suzannah is a well-known author and TV presenter. She will set the scene for us by exploring the many and varied expectations placed upon women during the sixteenth century. The conversation with her is gripping as she so eloquently challenged the accepted narrative around women of the period. Get ready to think again as she highlights why, if we do not understand the patriarch, misogyny and gender roles of the time, nothing in the period makes any sense!

Our attention then turns to examine the lives of aristocratic women through a couple of different lenses: how these women expressed their power and status through the art they commissioned and the buildings they owned.

Emma Rutherford
The second of our speakers tackles the first of these topics. She is Emma Rutherford, from the Philip Mould Gallery in London. Emma will be talking about how women of status used art and miniatures, in particular, to communicate. We will even hear about the fascinating life of Lavina Teerlinc, who broke the mould by forging a career as a successful female limner in an exceptionally male-dominated world.

Dr Rachel Delman
In our last video to focus on the lives of the female aristocracy, in the next video, Dr Rachel Delman from the University of York will share her perspective on how the most high-status women in Tudor England used the built environment as a denominator of their power and role in society.
In the final two videos, we move our focus from the exceptionally wealthy to the middling classes of Tudor England.

The Tudor Tailor 
Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila, also known collectively as 'The Tudor Tailor' will explore the role of the ordinary housewife in the production of clothes for the household and how a typical woman of such a status would dress.

Dr Sarah Morris: Your Summit Host

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am the Founder and CEO of The Tudor Travel Guide. This means I split my time between travelling around and visiting places, and researching and writing content for my membership site: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Tudor England, which I hope to develop over time to become the most comprehensive resource for learning about and discovering Tudor locations in the UK.

My mission is to help you immerse yourself in the sixteenth century by weaving stories of people and events into the places where they unfolded. Hence, I am delighted to bring you this summit, which looks back the lives of women in sixteenth century England. In the final film, you will time travel with me to Paycockes House in Essex, home to Thomas Paycocke, a wool merchant, and his wife, Anne. Together we will draw back the veil of time and immerse ourselves in this, our first-ever fly-on-the-wall video of life in Tudor England.

Alongside committing to deliver thoroughly researched, factual content, the one other magical ingredient that I think brings us as close to time travel as humanly possible is my belief that…

It is only time, and not space, which separates us from the past.

I hope you enjoy this summit!

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